Project Description


Anni BADGER (nee Rafraldl): This Mixed Media Artist grew up in a multi-cultural environment in North Queensland with a genuine love for Australian history and our unique fauna and flora. Now settling into life on Macleay Island Queensland Anni is inspired by this new environment and the ‘island characters’.

After receiving her Certificates in Art & Design, Anni experimented with many art mediums, from paint to cay, ciment fondu to glass. Consequently, her passion is expressed through her 2D and 3D artworks of varying dimensions in – clay, wood, cement fondu, metals, glass, mosaics, fibres, papers, pastels and paints.

Her artistic talents coupled her appreciation of surroundings, culminate in a range of visual art expressions.

Public artworks include murals in and on Buildings, Pathways on the Boardwalk and Blue Water Heritage Trail projects in Mackay and Pioneer Valley Districts and Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.

Whilst enjoying the creative use of different materials and processes – combining new and traditional techniques, Anni has won many prizes and awards, gained sales and commissions.

Solo and combined group exhibitions add to her recognition.

As well as Inlerior Desiqn projects, Anni B is constantly finding inspiration and working towards the next exciting art exhibition.

Anni: Why I Create Artworks

It is my passion in life. I have been drawing ever since I could hold a mark-making object. Growing up in a colourful, multi-cultural environment in North Queensland, I saw life as a series of colourful, rhythmic stories.

Developing this line of visual thinking, I express these stories in a variety of mediums, as you can see from my 2 dimensional paintings and printmaking, and three dimensional creative jewellery and pottery pieces, some of which are functional as well as creative.

For commissions please phone: 0400 235 206.