Project Description

Robyn Parsons

Robyn Parsons is a dab hand at working Raku and porcelain. But her favourite medium is stoneware. She sees clay as a three-dimensional blank canvas, waiting to be worked into a masterpiece. “In many ways, I could be seen as a contradiction,” she says. While she loves to portray nature, she has a wicked and clever sense of humour.

This produces some unique results. Her miniature animal figures playing instruments immediately endear the viewer with their quirky novelty. “Oh yes,” she laughs. “That quirky side has me producing gnomes in big hats, monkeys on grand pianos and all sorts of things I guess hail from my childhood.” “I guess I’ve never grown up. And nor do I want to,” she muses.

She sees the islands as the perfect environment to enhance her particular art forms. “ I fell in love with Karragarra Island the moment I saw it,” she says. “The Macleay Island Arts Complex has been there as an avenue to create my own form of art. I feel so fortunate to be able to live an amazing lifestyle and have the means to create my art.”