Project Description

Jeanette Trefle

The three P’s come to mind for artist Jeanette Trefle.

Pencil, pastel and paper clay.

Taking these mediums, she turns the P’s into something far from the norm.

Her artistic philosophy in some of her work allows the viewer to “fill in the gaps” from their own imagination.

“It’s related to the Gestault theory, where you play on the vision and preconceptions of the viewer to fill the void,” she explains.

If that concept fascinates you, so it should.

Her striking cat, caught mid pounce is an example. Or is it pouncing?

Is it the suggestion of an action that makes her work explode into life before you?

“My work is definitely unusual,” she says.

“So it takes a while for me to choose my subject. I also particularly like to portray heads. The head is the focal point of the body and the eyes have it regarding expression.”

Her first exhibition was named just that: The Eyes Have It.

Her next will be Heads Up.

But what brought Jeanette down this unusual artistic pathway?

“I had my own business in Brisbane,” she recalls.

“It was very demanding and i needed something to create a balance. I started dabbling in clay as an antidote to work. A therapy, I guess. I never thought it would become such an important element in my life.”

Coming to the islands after retirement gave her the chance to focus on her unique talents.

“MIAC has been a wonderful avenue to enhance and continue my work,” she says.