Project Description

Judy Pickering

The beauty, peace and tranquillity of Macleay Island drew artist, Judy Pickering to its shores.

The island inspires an already furtive imagination that sees juxtaposition and contrast as part of her metaphorical palette.

“I’ve undergone a big shift from landscape to Pop Art in the last few years,” Judy says.

Judy has also gone through a big geographical shift in the last few years.

Literally changing her landscape, this talented and seasoned artist has exhibited throughout Australia and in America and Europe.

Her one woman exhibitions were held in Newcastle, Perth,  Junee and in Glebe, Sydney.

She made her mark particularly in Albury, painting local houses for posterity and in Broken Hill, where she committed its poignant history and at some times, sadness to canvas with her stunning outback scenes.

But her art goes even beyond that genre and medium.

“Art, by its nature is infinite and lends itself to a plethora of expression,” she says.

As a teacher, she is inspired by her students, seeing every experience as an opportunity to learn, regardless of age and experience.

“That’s the beauty of art,” she emphasises.

Such is her imagination, that much of her work comes from her head.

Such is her imagination, that much of her work comes from her head.

From her three-dimensional Geisha girl, to the warm, musky landscapes and then the  “Warholian,” cartoon style, she is versatility personified.

The island brings out the best in this artist.

“I could never live anywhere else,” she admits.