Project Description


Art, travel and nature are three of Lynda’s favourite things.

Lynda is a self taught artist specialising in acrylics.  Most of her works are commission pieces where she is trusted to portray peoples much loved pets. Born in Ipswich, Queensland Lynda has always had a love of art.  From the very first time she was able to hold a pencil she was experimenting with techniques and has  won several awards during her journey. Lynda spent many years living on a remote water pumping station in Central Queensland. Often cut off from neighbours and the town gave her time to study her vast environment.

“Living such an isolated lifestyle made me really see and feel the colours, light and movement around me. This experience has enabled me to portray my subjects in a way that often surprise but engage the viewer.”

In a world  of conflict Lynda makes art that makes people smile. “In my dreams I am swimming in bold colours. They don’t blend but stay pure and clean. I breathe them, I feel them and I live them. Colour is my passion.”

For more information please call Lynda direct +61 429 301 953 or email

Follow this link to read all about Lynda Faulkner off to Hong Kong 2019

Art held in private collections

Australia | Malaysia | China | Hong Kong



  • Redlands Museum, Cleveland, Australia
  • ‘By The Bay’ Annual Exhibition, MIAC, QLD
  • Morris Art Awards Gold Coast , Australia
  • ‘Art and Design Show’ , St Sebastians, Brisbane, QLD
  • Lethbridge 10000. Brisbane, QLD
  • ‘Obnoxious Orange’, Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich QLD


  • Asia Contemporary Art Show , Hong Kong
  • ‘Living Australia’, Onyx Gallery , Brisbane, QLD
  • ’Celebrating the Female Form’, MIAC.  QLD
  • ‘Girt By Sea’, MIAC, QLD
  • ‘By The Bay’ Annual Exhibition, MIAC, QLD
  • ‘Purple Persuasion’, Drawing Point Gallery , Ipswich, QLD
  • ‘Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular’ curated exhibition, Central Plaza One, Brisbane.


  • ‘By The Bay’ Annual Exhibition MIAC, QLD
  • Ipswich Art Awards, QLD
  • Blackwater Art Awards, QLD


  • ‘By The Bay’  Annual Exhibition MIAC, QLD
  • Ipswich Art Awards, Ipswich QLD
  • Blackwater Art Awards, QLD