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Ruth Venner Artist calligrapherRuth Venner, Artist Calligrapher, moved to Macleay Island in 2005 and since then has set up her gallery and had many solo Exhibitions.

2005 ‘Calligraphy’ – MIAC Gallery

2006 ‘A Question of Balance’ – Redland Gallery

2008 ‘Speech of the Gods 1’ – Redland Museum

2011 ‘Speech of the Gods 2’ –Hervey Bay Regional Gallery

2014 ‘Speech of the Gods 3 – She Dreamt…’ – Redland Museum

This exhibition concentrated on the feminine aspect of Spirituality. It presented new works influenced by her visits to Angkor Wat and Borobudur in 2012, and  years of looking this subject in many ways. It allowed her to re-work some older pieces which are of particular relevance. Featured Goddesses, Lady Buddha/Boddhisattvas and aspects of the Great Mother from many different cultures and religions of the world, it also included works from the two previous ‘Speech of the Gods’ to emphasise the connection.

Also during this period she was very involved in a number of Exhibitions at the Redland Museum ‘Going to the Gums’ in 2007, which celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Lazaret on Peel Island. Additionally ‘Mil Binnung’ which celebrates the culture of the Ngugi people through the life of Dr Robert Anderson OAM and assistance in a number of other exhibitions during the last 14 years.

You may like to experience Ruth’s passion and depth of knowledge by visiting her Flickr site Ruth Venner Artist

Important to the Macleay Island Artists Complex members is Ruths generous contribution to our history and future through the design of the symbol by which we have been recognised for so many years.

Here are some of the various Logos that Ruth has done for MIAC over the years…
1.Island Magic done for a Pottery exhibition some years ago (and featured in one of Australia’s Calligraphy magazines
2. Exquisite and Exotic Fibre and Fabric for Judith Brady’s Exhibition last year
3. Artists at Work, not strictly speaking done for MIAC, but done for the original Artists at Work now under the aegis of MIAC
4. Calligraphy Logo done for my Solo Exhibition at MIAC in 2005
Just some of Ruth’s amazing collection of tools and work Read More