The MIAC Dinosaur is now in great condition thanks to Dave and Lynda Faulkner with on lookers from the left:

  • President, Craig
  • Secretary, Marie
  • Treasurer, Doreen
  • Manager of everything and the best proof reader around, Jan
  • Vice Chair and leader of the Clay Kids project, Evelyn
  • Gallery Co-ordinator, Meryl
  • Events Co-ordinator, Suzie

Lynda and Dave handling last minute packing before leaving for Honk Kong still made time to bring the dinosaur back to life!

Don’t forget all members invited to Lynda’s farewell 3:30pm to 5:30pm Thursday 14 March 2019. Bring a small plate and help send Lynda off in style. Contact Suzie or Marie at Tel: 07 3409 4100 or E: