Our local artist, Lynda Faulkner, now a featured artist in the up coming Asia Contemporary Art Show Spring Edition 2019, in Hong Kong Friday 29 March 2019.


They were the words that came out of  Madeleine Ekeblad’s mouth when I asked her opinion on some of my art.

Let’s take a step back – it’s June 2017.

I had been invited to exhibit art with two dear friends David O’Halloran and Judy Pickering. Trouble for me was they were both Australian Landscape Artists and my art …well, I don’t really think it fitted in any category. I had only taken up art seriously in 2014 after my husband Dave and I moved back permanently to Macleay Island. We attended an exhibition ‘Three Masters and Ted.’ at Macleay Island Arts Complex.

The three masters were  Madeleine Ekeblad, David Wells and Karen Foster. Ted of course is our real living and breathing pirate, Ted Upton, who is a wood sculptor. All four were so welcoming and they inspired me to have a go. I came home from the exhibition with tears in my eyes and my heart swollen with the feeling of appreciation to live where I live and to be able to meet the wonderful people who shared this small island.

Fast forward to 2017 and my love for Island life hasn’t changed but my art had developed enough that David and Judy asked me to exhibit with them. I wondered how my art could sit in the same gallery as their beautiful outback scenes of Australia. I decided to do my own series ‘Working Dogs on The Red Carpet’. I had lived in the bush for nearly 20 years previously and I had fallen head over heals in love with the beautiful hard working dogs out there. I thought they all deserved to be pampered and taken for a night out. Having come up with the idea I painted two dogs both dressed in their finest. Maddi happened to drop in one afternoon and I asked in her opinion if the dogs with would fit in with Judy and David’s landscapes.

That is when the life changing words tumbled from her mouth…YOU’RE COMING TO HONG KONG WITH ME! You could have knocked me down with a feather. Golly, I did not see that coming. I got to work and painted my heart out and fell in love with every dog and their story that I painted. My very first exhibition was the one with David and Judy. It was a wonderful experience and even though it was held on the mainland, 14 Macleay Islanders made the journey to support us.

Shortly after that my Dave and I traveled to Hong Kong for the Asia Contemporary Art Show, Fall edition 2017. The Asia Contemporary Art Show is huge. Artists from all over the world come to show and sell their work. I went for the experience believing I would not sell a single thing but the response to my art was amazing and I had a sell out. Since that show I have been busy painting commissions of people’s much loved pets. It is a privilege that I enjoy. Maddi now lives in Malaysia so she can easily travel around Asia where her work is very popular. She needed to come back to the island late last year and stayed with Dave and I. Once again she saw my art and it was then that she invited me back to Hong Kong for their  Asia Contemporary Art Show Spring Edition 2019. So now the journey has begun again. I have been painting my heart out. My theme is still animal based but this time it is ‘Party Animals’ that will be coming to Hong Kong. The show starts at the end of March and time is quickly disappearing. The people at Macleay Island Arts Complex have been wonderfully encouraging and it still warms my heart to be part of such a wonderful community. I hope I can do them proud.

Read more about Lynda at www.lyndafaulkner.com